Truth Wanted 05.26 07-01-2022 with ObjectivelyDan and Calvin Smith


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Get ready for a very wacky episode of Truth Wanted, because this week Dan is joined by Calvin Smith, podcaster and aficionado of all things weird and wonderful! This week’s Patron of the Week is Fortuna Ex Machina! May extraterrestrials shine down their hidden knowledge upon you. John’s up first with a divine thought experiment. After an explanation of what a god is to him, our hosts offer their take on how likely that entity is to exist. John responds with an argument from popularity, since most people believe the Earth is round, and most people believe in a deity, aren’t both likely to be true? It takes Dan & Calvin a few minutes to explain why not, but we get there eventually. Next up is returning caller Ransom, who’s wondering if the UAP footage recently confirmed by the Pentagon is evidence of alien visitors. Everyone agrees that unidentified doesn’t mean extraterrestrial, but Ransom wants to focus on how unlikely the phenomenon are to be advanced foreign (ie. Earthly) technology. While it is fascinating that even the governments of the world can’t identify these, we’re going to withhold belief until we have good reasons. Finally, VJ wants to chat about the shift towards religious extremism in India, and how the media frames these events to favor the Muslim worldview. Dan briefly describes the historical context for sectarian violence in the subcontinent, and we all agree that religion has a habit of encouraging folks to hate each other for no good reason. That’s the show folks, we’ll see you all next week!

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