Billboard Compares Trump to Jesus - Religious Schools Could Lose Right to Fire Based On Sexuality


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Billboard Comparing Trump to Jesus Causes Blasphemy Controversy Location: Georgia, USA

Proposed Law: Religious Schools to Lose Right to Fire Based On Sexuality Location: Victoria, Australia

Former Police General Attacks Co-Detainee Over Blasphemy Location: Indonesia

Court Case Reveals Underground Network of FGM Practitioners Location: Michigan

Pope Francis Reaffirms Catholic Refusal to Allow Same-Sex Marriage Location: Vatican

Taliban Replaces Ministry of Women with Ministry of Virtue & Vice Location: Afghanistan

Cuba Drafts New Family Code, May Allow Same-Sex Marriage Location: Cuba

Transwoman Charged For Breaking Sharia Law by Wearing Women's Clothing Location: Malaysia & Thailand

Gay Priest Refuses to Marry Straight Couples to Protest Church Policy Location: Sweden

Atheist Republic TARGETED by False DMCA Takedown Notices; Twitter account at risk

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