Episode 208 Brian Fuller: "The 80’S Three Wheelers and the life that ties us all together"


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Episode 208 is not only about Brian Fuller's story but also about Leonard's beginnings. The trials and tribulations of life couldn't stop the love of racing, developing skills, and friendships that stand the test of time. Learning lessons that still guide us and being a good human was always the key. The stories that tie us all together from way back in the 70s racing motorcycles to riding three-wheelers in dunes. Then transferred into racing 3 three-wheelers locally moving to the nationals, to quads, and ultimately to the next generation. The story is still going and during the episode, we hit the surface with some of the racing and life information. A lot of people from all three forms of racing came up. Some we see all the time and some it's been years since we've heard of them. In the long run, friends were made life is lived and we move on but the stories will keep being told. Follow Brian's racing career through the 70s into the 2000’s zooming through time and if you liked his story subscribe when you can please.

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