Episode 214 Dean Dillon: "Ireland is on the move to the front "


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Bringing Ireland to the forefront of the international spotlight from 2019 to 2022 they have put them on the box in QXON .traveling to the UK and USA to further their development.Dean Dillon, the group's youth, missed the top spot in the Irish championship by 1 point in 2022 . Switching to the YFZ450R platform in “22” makes a more comfortable machine for his program

Riding ATVs has become a way of life for the Dillon Family Father and Son travel to EUROPE on the weekend racing ATV what a great thing spending time working together and building memories that can be passed down for years. Competing in international events like QXON as well as the Irish championship.

Finishing 2nd in the Irish championship left a void chasing a friend by 1 point and canceling the last event . The upside is going to the Czech Republic and Racing QXON finishing 2nd with a great ride team that did well. The future looks suitable for Irish riders traveling abroad to develop the ATV industry.

Join us on an overseas journey with Dean Dillon. Ireland's up-and-coming superstar as you enjoy the trip please subscribe and smash that like button.

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