A lifetime commitment and a world of opportunities through Simmentals with Audrey Weightmann


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Audrey Weightmann received a life membership at the award dinner and it was the most incredible response. Alongside her husband David and family, Simmentals have played a huge role in Audrey's life, providing them the opportunity to start again after relocating to Australia from the UK.

Audrey Weightmann has dedicated a lifetime to the Simmental breed, at the Sydney Royal in April of 2022, she was inducted to life membership which absolutely caught her by surprise and as she shares in this chat goes down as one of her life’s highlights with the Simmental breed.

Audrey’s family sold their farm in the UK following a motorway being built right through it, it was as she left the UK that she had seen the first Simmental bulls as she migrated to Australia, alongside her husband David and family. It was their opportunity to start again in farming.

Upon arriving in Australia, her family settled on WA for its temperate climate, a larger operation than back home in the UK and it was here that they set about a fresh start in farming. Finding a little spot called Margaret River, it was a town that was struggling, and since then the area has become renowned as one of Australia’s premier wine growing regions.

Audrey has been a member of the Simmental society for 49 years, the breed she says “It’s been my life”.

They have taken her around the world looking at the breed, she says the trips built up her memory bank and she is often reminded just of what her life has been.

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