Hamilton, HIVLiving, and MikuBinder - Representation at cost


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EDIT (July 12th 2021) : > Hello listeners, after re-listening to this episode and after comments from you, we wanted to apologize for lapse in our language. Because we often discuss our topics before the episode, there are things that pass unsaid between us when it comes time to record. Our statements in this episode regarding Lin Manuel Miranda and his heritage were poorly phrased. We meant to say that Lin's experience would differ from those of native Puerto Ricans, as he was raised in New York all his life, but by no measure did we mean to insinuate his heritage was illegitimate or in any way erase his experiences. This was our fault, and we deeply apologize, as we never want to erase, speak over, or deny someone's experiences. We thank you for holding us accountable and calling us out!

Join us, Teese (@vicunad) and Cas (@valhethella), as we explore two of the biggest toxic touchstones of Hamilton fandom and have conversations about what Hamilton means for Broadway, representation, and gatekeeping. Also? We talk about Cuties.

Content Warning : This week's episode discusses various heavy topics which may be upsetting or triggering for some listeners.

Topics include, but are not limited to : sexualization of minors, child pageants, racism, slavery, colorism, anti-blackness, WWII, nazis, homophobia, victim blaming, sexual assault, rape, date rape, drug use, exploitation of children, exploitation of foster children, Reagan and Reagan-era politics.

As always, there is a content warning at the beginning of the episode. Take care of yourself and be safe

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