Author Gloria Nagy chats about her new book based in Miami


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Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes author Gloria Nagy to the studio. GLORIA NAGY is the internationally best-selling author of twelve books including The Beauty, Remain Calm, Looking For Leo, SeaSick, Marriage, and the New York Times best-seller, A House in the Hamptons. She Lives with her husband Richard Saul Wurman in Miami, FL. They have four children, six grandchildren and a yellow lab, Jacob. About PEOPLE DIE IN SUNSHINE: People Die in Sunshine is the carnival ride through the externally glamorous, but internally twisted lives of those two people, Frederick and Coco Rothenstein and their world; one most of us only know about from reading true crime stories and news accounts of the lives of the super-rich and entitled dwellers in the bastions of wealth and privilege where families such as the Rothensteins reign. The first four words of Gloria Nagy's scorching, ironic tale of greed, glamour, envy, avarice and the Janus headed coin of love and hate are: "Money. Money. Money. Money." What Ms. Nagy accomplishes in a work of humor, heartbreak, murder, and redemption reinforces those four words. A theme reflecting the world we have created that rises and falls with the same quite simple motivation that has driven every facet of human life since man stood upright. It is not the world we want to see, but it is the real world and where better to set a novel that is as much a social chronicle of our times as it is a gripping tale of the maze like search for a killer, than Miami. @copyrighted. Support for this podcast is provided by Author-Guide David Invester, with our gratitude.

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