Worried About Finishing Last


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Tim Kurkjian joins Buster to discuss the Dodgers trading for Miguel Rojas, if Trevor Bauer will pitch again and how they’ve never seen anything like the Carlos Correa saga. Then, Hembo on Steve Cohen and the Mets deciding they weren’t paying for damaged goods, plus notes on Dusty Baker. Later, Dylan Cease stops by to talk about Liam Hendriks’ cancer diagnosis, Buster picking him to win the Cy Young in 2022, his drive to constantly improve, his dominant slider, how he figured out that pitch, when he knew the slider was a special pitch for him and pitchers he learned from growing up. Finally, Sarah Langs gets into Mandy Bell’s final fundraising haul for ALS research, Nelson Cruz signing with the Padres, Adley Rutschman and the Blue Jays balancing their lineup.

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