Battle Science Podcast - August 27th: The Silph Arena Preseason Primer


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Jesse (RocketAdminJ) and Steven (aBoyInTheWoods) breeze through the News Roundup’s only topic, September’s cuddly Community Day, and finally get to one of Steven’s lofty projects, the Silph Arena Preseason Primer. In this episode they cover the basics of Pokemon GO’s relationship with its PvP mechanics.

This episode's Community Question: Do you want us to discuss Silph Factions? Is it something you would like to hear more about? Hear from other players on their experiences? Or breakdown the different metas?


00:00:00 Intro/Housekeeping

00:07:23 News Roundup - Oshawott Community Day

00:21:33 PvP 101 Part 1: The Basics

02:31:43 Community Question/Outro


Preseason Primer Presentation:

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