Episode 20 - Ten Players from Plymouth


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On this weeks show we follow the way of the Samurai in Katana Zero, we have an afterparty for our previous AfterParty review, there's even more good news for backwards compatibility fans on Xbox and PS5 and finally we count down our 12 biggest failures and disappointments of the entire console generation.


Game Pass New Additions

[01:27] - Overview (Tales of Vesperia, Katana Zero)

[03:38] - Katana Zero Review

Games Leaving Game Pass

[13:13] - Overview

[16:16] - Afterparty Review Recap

[20:12] - Rise & Shine Review

Generation Wrap Up

[26:39] - Week 2 - Top 12 Disappointments/Failures of the Generation


[01:27:51] - Even more Xbox backwards compatibility news

[01:30:29] - Xbox Series X overheating rumours

[01:33:08] - PS5 UI revealed

[01:34:36] - Games added to PS5 backwards compatibility list

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