Episode 24 - Too Many Games


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It's a rare solo show this week as we continue trying to complete all of Xbox Game Pass even though 91 new games have been added, we are officially all puzzled out from The Talos Principle, we pick out some hidden gems from EA Play and we’ll be going into some hands on impressions of the Xbox Series X.


Xbox Game Pass - New Additions

[00:47] - Overview


[03:31] - Gears Tactics

[07:28] - Planet Coaster: Console Edition


[10:30] - Tetris Effect: Connected

[13:33] - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Xbox Game Pass - Leaving Soon

[22:29] - Overview


[22:59] - The Talos Principle

Feature of the Week

[29:24] - EA Play Hidden Gems


[39:32] Xbox Series X Console Review

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