Episode 25 - Alphabet Origins


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Andy's back for another solo show this week as a retro classic makes a comeback in our new additions to Xbox Game Pass, we have a Beat The Sheet origin story hidden amongst our leaving soon titles and we close out the show with some hands-on impressions for the PlayStation 5 and some of it's biggest launch games.


Xbox Game Pass - New Additions

[00:54] - Overview


[01:53] - Star Renegades

[03:16] - River City Girls

Xbox Game Pass - Leaving Soon

[07:13] - Overview


[09:04] - Absolver

[13:32] - Demon's Tilt

[16:36] - Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Feature of the Week - PlayStation 5 Console Review

[24:39] - Overview

[25:01] - Console Design & UI

[28:07] - Astro's Playroom & the DualSense Controller

[35:50] - Spider-Man: Miles Morales

[43:05] - Loading Times and Activity Cards

[46:10] - Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5

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