Episode 50 - So Solis Crew


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On this week's show we join the So Solis Crew in Just Cause 4, we buckle up for another trip to the wild west in Red Dead Online, Koei Tecmo comes up with an idea so stupid it might be genius, and has Psychonauts made us suddenly not care about Psychonauts 2?

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Xbox Game Pass - New Additions

[05:41] - New Additions Overview


[07:44] - Final Fantasy X | X-2

[09:35] - Red Dead Online


[16:34] - Just Cause 4: Reloaded

[28:05] - Psychonauts

Xbox Game Pass - Leaving Soon

[42:05] - Leaving Soon Overview


[42:37] - Final Fantasy IX


[01:02:04] - Ubisoft moves towards more Free to Play titles

[01:07:32] - Sega are making a "Super Game"

[01:11:08] - EA Play event set for July

[01:13:58] - Koei Tecmo wants to make a Mario game

[01:17:09] - Sony reveals number of games in development for PS5

[01:22:54] - The Nintendo Switch calculator

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