Episode 56 - The Beat The Sheet Top 50 & The Final Sheeties


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Well this is it, the final episode of Beat The Sheet and our biggest episode ever!

This week we've gone through every game that has come to Xbox Game Pass since 'The Sheet' began in January 2020 to create a countdown of the 50 best Game Pass games we've played during the challenge. Along the way we'll also be breaking away to give out our final ever Beat The Sheet 'Sheety' awards to some deserving winners, and we have a special Icon Award to hand out too.

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The Beat The Sheet Top 50 & The Final Sheeties

[02:10] - The Top 50 Explained

[04:37] - #50-41 and the 1st Sheety

[28:44] - #40-31 and the 2nd Sheety

[01:07:53] - #30-21 and the 3rd Sheety

[01:49:07] - #20-16 and the 4th Sheety

[02:12:46] - #15-11 and the 5th Sheety

[02:36:37] - #10-6 and the 6th Sheety

[03:01:51] - #5-2 and the Final Sheety Award

[03:23:10] - #1 and the Beat the Sheet Icon Award

[03:29:43] - Outro and Goodbye.

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