Guests: Sapio Paz and Amani O+, North Dakota Pipeline, Duct Tape, Respectability Politics Part 2, All The Tears | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 09-06-2016


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Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. Discussion topics include:

Tonight (09/06/16 @ 9pm) we’re back for Beat*Shot Radio’s Live Takeover! Discussion topics will include:
?Special Guests: Amani O+ returns to bless us with her radical Black stardust and inspirational wisdom; and she’s joined by the ALWAYS pleasant destroyer of paradigms, activist, scholar, and online dating expert, Sapio Paz—to (among other things) expound upon last week’s local organizer beef. *grabs popcorn*
?Guest Caterer!: Nevillene from Soul Kitchen (153 South Pearl St, Albany) stops by to flex her culinary muscle and feed the Beat*Shot Radio squad. #PodcastGoals
?Duct Down Productions: Things you’ve fixed with duct tape that you’re proud of. Go! [Tweet them to @BeatShotRadio #DuctDown]
?Respectability Politics pt2: Last week we broke down respectability politics. This week we examine how they’ve impacted and continue to impact the local Black community.
?Sipping On Tears: We discuss #AllTheTears (white/light/male/ablebodied/thin/American etc) and how privilege dictates when and where you shouldn’t shed them.
?What The Hell Is Happening In North Dakota: The state and private enterprises are imposing violence on indigenous protestors in North Dakota—including using attack dogs on women on children. What the actual fuck is going on? We discuss.
?Fuck, Marry, Kill: Jesse Williams, Colin Kaepernick, Andre 3000. Tweet your answers to @BeatShotRadio #BSRFMK

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