103: Mayhem 1999 w/ Grappl‘s Richard ‘Benno‘ Benson


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All Elite Wrestling's recent All Out 2021 PPV earned the biggest buyrate for a non-WWE wrestling PPV since WCW produced their inaugural Mayhem show in way back in 1999. And when Dean and Liam shared this trivia with a fellow podcaster they met at Hooked On's All Out watch party, the trio decided to cover Mayhem for an episode. Then, they realised it was a Vince Russo show.

Nonetheless, our fearless hosting duo and special guest Richard 'Benno' Benson endured three hours of utterly baffling product that made them realise why it has probably taken a company not run by Vince McMahon 22 years to do a better number. Find out which of the many matches booked for the event scored a 'full house' in Russo Bingo!

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