S12 E3: How to Backup and Archive your Data to the Blockchain featuring Don Beavers


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🇧​🇱​🇴​🇨​🇰​🇨​🇭​🇦​🇮​🇳​ 🇮​🇸​ 🇹​🇭​🇪​ 🇫​🇺​🇹​🇺​🇷​🇪​. In this episode, we chat with Don Beavers, the President of Probability and Statistics Inc. and CEO at Sollensys. Don specializes in database and blockchain applications for web, aerospace, and defense projects.

Don has pushed the limits of what is possible with blockchain and crypto using math and science to tackle impossible challenges.

Learn about Don’s unique approach to technology and leadership to step up and be willing to embrace risk-taking to change the future. Listen in as we discuss how Blockchain is the future, backups, protection from hackers, and more excitement in the backup world!

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