S11 E8: Managing the Future of Work Without Getting Replaced by AI with Professor Marco Iansiti


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On this episode, we dive headfirst into how digital companies can maximize their network value and data value to supplement traditional product value.

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I’m speaking with author and professor at Harvard Business School (HBS), Marco Iansiti. Marco is an expert at developing firm-level strategies using AI and other disruptive technologies while being a top advisor for top tech firms such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, and more.

In this podcast, Marco discussed the finer points of Competing in the Age of AI.

Takeaways: Digital companies can maximize their network value and data value to supplement their traditional product value. (4:00 -7:05)

CIOs can manage the future of work across an AI-centric ecosystem without being replaced by AI. (16:25 -18:45)

Using a top-down, thoughtful leadership structure allows CIOs to deploy AI and transform their security architecture. (31:25 -35:20)

Featuring: Marco Iansiti, Author and Professor at Harvard Business School (HBS)

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