S11 E11: Why Immersive VR Technology is a Huge Opportunity with Holographic Architect Michael Potts


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In this episode, I’m excited to dive into the latest Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) development to help you understand how these immersive technologies can add value to your organization through the gamification of your sales funnels.

Get all the resources for this episode: http://www.redzonetech.net/blog/why-immersive-vr-technology-is-a-huge-opportunity-with-holographic-architect-michael-potts

Although VR fell flat in the 90s and 00s after building major hype, this time is different. Now, I’m confident that VR has crossed the threshold from just being a ‘cool gadget’ to being an avenue for innovation that CIOs can tap into to take their business to the next level in the future.

I’m joined by Michael Potts, a Holographic Architect and CEO of M2 Studio. Michael is a multi-faceted designer with a degree in Architecture with an emphasis in Advanced Visualization Technology.

During Michael’s 21 years of experience, he has worked on over 3000 projects on 5 Continents where his work has been seen in dozens of publications including broadcast television and a motion picture.

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