S13 E1: Don't Say It - Draw It | Creating Visual Strategies to Solve Complex Problems Featuring Dan Roam


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Welcome Back to Bill Murphy’s 10x Podcast. Our guest in this episode is Dan Roam, international bestselling author of “The Back of the Napkin” and “The Pop-Up Pitch”. In addition to his literary works, Dan is also a visual strategist, pilot, and father of two.

Dan shares with listeners that his purpose in life is to help businesses solve complex problems by using visual art. With inspiration from Jeffery Campbell's "The Hero's Journey," Dan encourages listeners to take bold moves when solving present-day problems and emphasizes believing in new solutions to spark growth and change for the future.

Dan shares with us the details of his book, "The Pop-Up Pitch," and explains how, in just 7 minutes, teams can collaboratively solve complex business problems by drawing simple pictures and teaches listeners how to become the most persuasive communicators in the conference room.

Join us today on a journey into the world of storytelling and visual art.

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