S11 E7: How Do We Control AI That Is Smarter Than Us With Dr. Roman Yampolskiy


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On this episode, you will gain valuable insight into the future cyber ecosystem and what the potential existence of AGI (Super Intelligent AI) could affect how we work in the future.

I’m speaking with Professional Speaker, Author of Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security, and current Associate Professor at the University of Louisville, Dr. Roman Yampolskiy. Dr. Yampolskiy is known globally for his work on behavioral biometrics, security of cyberworlds, and artificial intelligence safety.

Dr. Yampolskiy’s knack for seeing the real-world, practical opportunities that AI and Superintelligence can provide the modern world is captivating to hear.

Hear what Dr. Yampolskiy has to say about the possible convergence of AI towards AGI on the physical world within your lifetime, whether putting AI safety guardrails around superintelligence is advisable, and which industries will be completely changed by AI in the not-so-distant future.

Featuring: Dr. Roman Yampolskiy, Associate Professor at the University of Louisville

Episode Resources And Show Notes: http://www.redzonetech.net/blog/how-do-we-control-ai-that-is-smarter-than-us-with-dr-roman-yampolskiy

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