18. oktober 2019: Some say Participatory Art has failed. Why do we keep on doing it?


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Presentation and talks with the international network Create to Connect → Create to Impact It is no secret that many theatre scholars and programmers avoid engaging directly in participatory art. Why do we keep on doing it? Do we have a notion that the general public demands this interaction? What changes when an audience member is asked to join in a direct interaction with an artwork or artist? Do we demand more from the spectator than their engaged act of perceiving, interpreting and processing what is being shown on site? Art and its impact in society around us is a topic that is constantly up for discussion, as it should be. What if we look at it through the participatory art lenses? We invite you to a presentation of the international network Create to Connect → Create to Impact, which deals with contemporary performing arts, and to a series of talks by professionals connected to the subject, among which: Lali Pertenava (art historian, Public Art Platform and Tbilisi Academy of Fine Art, Georgia), Siniša Labrović (performing artist, Croatia), Willy Thomas (artistic Director ARSENAAL/Lazarus, Belgium), Dan Podjed (researcher, Slovene Academy of Science and Arts, Slovenia), Alma R. Selimović (Coordinator Create to Connect → Create to Impact, Bunker, Slovenia) More about the network: http://www.ctc-cti.eu

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