27. oktober 2018: Art As Force - Part 4 - Balagan as conscious chaos - then and now


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The situationist movement has been an important inspiration for group foundations in Europe, including Group 66 in Norway, and is crucial to the Nordic aesthetics as it’s seen internationally. Through the seminar Art as Force on situationism in the Nordic region we want to establish an understanding of the Nordic tradition we come from. Part 4 - Balagan as conscious chaos - then and now: With contributions from David Elliott, Lisa Charlotte Badouin Lie and Worm Winther. Panel debate moderated by Knut Ove Arntzen at the end. Moderator Art as Force: Ine Therese Berg. The seminar was part of Positions - discursive program during the international dance festival Oktoberdans 2018 produced by BIT Teatergarasjen, and presented in collaboration with The University of Bergen, theatre studies and KODE.

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