True Detective S3E1 S3E2 "The Great War and Modern Memory" & "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" By HBO


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BleedTV Zack, Jake, and Cash crack open True Detectives Season 3 Premeire "The Great War and Modern Memory" & "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" like only we can! takes you on the journey with Wayne "Purple" Hays (Mahershala Ali) and Roland West (Stephen Dorff) as they try and solve the muder and mystery of Will and Julie Purcell. All while we have to decide what is going on with Hays as he battles and tries to stave off dementia, before every thing crumbles around him. Join us as we give you our theories and fan theories, along with who the top suspects are. Join us as we breakdown the top scenes and how this season ranks with the first season of True Detective.

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