Premiere: Decoder - Mindwork (Bomphcast Audio - BOMPH005)


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Decoder (USA) is prolific producer whose specialty is loop based sci-fi techno. For example, we were presented with over 140 demos that he had made the previous month. Insane. From these demos comes Falling Out, an EP built from some of the young Texan's more left-field tracks. We wanted to put together something that felt like a journey when listed front to back. A big thanks to Decoder for his trust with his music and working with us. Tracklist: 1. Wehal 2.The Secret 3.Control Room 4. Mindwork 5. Downward Falling Out EP by Decoder Release date: 3rd September 2021 Tracks mastered by Fergus Sweetland. Artwork by Liam White. Graphic Design by Emily Stoll. Distributed by Triple Vision.

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