Maja Lunde - The History of Bees


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The History of Bees by Maja Lunde is set in three different times and in three different countries - nineteenth century England, present day Ohio and Beijing at the end of the 21st century. Each storyline considers the lot of bees and beekeepers: William is designing a new type of hive, George; in Ohio, is trying to stick with traditional methods even though beekeeping and farming are becoming increasingly industrialised and Tao, in 2098, works as a human pollinator as all all the bees have died out. Maja Lunde joins James Naughtie, and Bookclub listeners to talk about this complex , timely novel; about the ecological beliefs which drive her writing and her hopes for the future. In November, Rachel Joyce will be joining James Naughtie for the next Bookclub recording, answering your questions about her bestseller The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. Do get in touch via the website (click Take Part In A Recording) if you would like to ask Rachel a question.

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