613: Finding Happiness in Boutiqueland with Ariane Braverman


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In this episode of the Boost Your Boutique Podcast, Emily is joined by Ariane Braverman, owner of Ariane’s Jewel Box and Boutique Training Academy Coach. They look back on their time in corporate retail, chat about accessories and intentional product assortment, and reflect on the importance of not crying over handbags. Don’t forget to schedule a Roadmap Call if you’re interested in enrolling in Six-Figure Blueprint. Enrollment is open now until June 24th, 2022. https://www.boutiquetrainingacademy.com/six-figure-blueprint Join the free Facebook Group: www.emilyfbgroup.com Follow Emily on Instagram: @stylishandsuccessful Check out Emily's YouTube Channel: bit.ly/emilyyoutube

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