51: Episode "-2,0,1" (Bases; Exotic Bases)


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A numerical base is a system of representing numbers using a sequence of symbols. However, like any mathematical concept, it can be extended and re-imagined in many different forms. A term used occasionally in mathematics is the term 'exotic', which just means 'different than usual in an odd or quirky way'. In this episode we are covering exotic bases. We will start with something very familiar (viz., decimal points) as a continuation of our previous episode, and then progress to the more odd, such as non-integer and complex bases. So how can the base systems we covered last time be extended to represent fractional numbers? How can fractional numbers be used as a base for integers? And what is pi plus e times i in base i + 1?
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[Featuring: Sofía Baca; Merryl Flaherty]
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