5 Myths that Keep Us Drinking More Alcohol


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This week on the podcast you'll learn about five myths that keep us drinking alcohol. Myths are really just stories we've been telling ourselves and believing for year. They aren't true.

Myth #1: I'm weak-willed (not disciplined enough, lazy, not strong enough)

This story/thought is rooted in absolute thinking and in the past. I held onto the story that I was someone who lacked discipline and it kept me from proving to myself that I actually was disciplined. Quit looking backward for a path forward. From the words of Corinne Crabtree:

Quit sitting around in your old garbage memories, ruminating over what should've happened, what was wrong about it, and what you wish you could change.⠀⠀

Your past is done. Your future is waiting to be visited.⠀

Myth/Story/Thought #2: I need to take the edge off.

It is one of the thoughts that definitely keeps people drinking alcohol and often drinking more than we want to. It absolutely was another thought that kept my daily drinking habit going. And it’s also one of the areas where I first understood that I got to choose how I felt and could manage my mind when it came to stress.

Myth #3: Alcohol makes things more fun.

Alcohol doesn’t make things more fun. Neither does food, or people or music or any other external circumstance. You create FUN with your thoughts. It’s what you are making alcohol MEAN in your life that is why you believe it’s so true that alcohol makes things more fun.

Myth/Story/Thought #4: I just love the taste of wine (or beer, or whiskey, or whatever other alcoholic drink you choose).

As you know if you’ve listened I’m not exclusively AF and Non-alcoholic beers are something I have used to help me change my drinking habits. What’s amazing is that for a long time I thought I DIDN’T like the flavor of NA beers. What I realized was that even taste can be a matter of choosing thoughts. I prefer NA beer to regular beer on most evenings because i like how I feel when I don’t drink alcohol every day.

Myth #5: I can’t change my drinking because my spouse, partner, friends all drink.

The thoughts I had about what it would be like to NOT drink when my husband drank, or my friends drank or my family drank kept me stuck in my habit for years. Let me just tell you right now my friends...quit waiting for everyone else to change. Stop giving your power to transform your life away to others. Whether or not my husband chooses to drink is his choice. And it has absolutely nothing to do with my own choices.

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