Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun - Episode 47


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Episode 47 - Dragon Boneman Versus Fluffy Rabbit - A surprise guest leads to an impromptu promo for Twitch of Fun and I think you will all be able to tell who the funny one is in the family. It's a very weary Twitch of Fun tonight, that nearly didn't happen, but Richard couldn't bear to think of all those excited grown adults celebrating their birthdays not getting their donkey kicks. We're asked to imagine a lot in this episode which is insensitive given everyone involved suffers from aphantasia, but there's some questions asked by Prince Andrew that we should all be asking and a question asked that isn'e even a question. Plus deadly sprinkles, not panicking, overthrow of the political system and what the Queen wants to eat with every meal. Sit on it, you malodorous ragamuffins. More episodes:

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