[#228] 10 Childhood Traumas That Cause Nice Guy Syndrome


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If you enjoyed this podcast, you can buy me a beer! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/danthecoach Being a nice guy is actually a form of mental illness. It's the result of coping mechanisms we created in childhood and teen years to deal with traumatic events and painful situations. When good-hearted boys are faced with emotional harm and lack the tools to properly process, confront and deal with it, we come with an act: a way of behaving that keeps us safe, makes us feel loved, and avoids difficulties. In this podcast, I shared the top 10 traumatic experiences that happen to boys that lead them to become Nice Guys as adult men, and I expand on the theory that Nice Guy Syndrome is always a result of childhood trauma. ---------------- If you enjoyed this, get access to more of BROJO’s content and dozens of confidence-building online courses by joining today. It’s FREE! Learn more here: https://www.brojo.org/join BROJO is an international self-improvement community run by coaches Dan Munro and Mike Wells. We are focused on how to build confidence through living with integrity and authenticity. We help Nice Guys discover their masculinity, and we focus on supporting people-pleasers of all types to build confidence, integrity, and deeply connected relationships. For more personal support, contact Dan & Mike directly with your questions info@brojo.org BROJO’s TOP RESOURCES: Courses: https://www.brojo.org/university Books: https://www.amazon.com/Daniel-Munro/e/B01GIT9ZKM%3F Blog: https://www.brojo.org/pub

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