I Accidentally Went on a Gay Podcast


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As a podcast host, do you remember every interview you've ever done? When I got to that point, I realized I was either getting old (and forgetful) or I've done a ton of interviews and it would be impossible to remember all of them. Same for the podcasts where I've been a guest... I was updating my info on Podchaser a couple of months ago when I saw I was listed as a guest on a "gay" podcast. I thought it was a mistake, since I don't meet the qualifications. It wasn't. And this is that story. I also talk about what you must know (and do) before you do another media interview or have somebody on your podcast, because this sitation comes up in a few different ways for both podcast guests and hosts and something similar can happen to you. Topics:
  • The "unwritten contracts" of podcast appearances
  • The "three agreements" of podcast guesting
  • What happens when you have the wrong guest on your podcast
  • Straight model, gay centerfold
  • The only time I've removed a podcast episode after publishing it (and why)
  • Ryan Seacrest's blind date

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