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“In each of us
There once was a fire
And for some of us
There seem as if there are only ashes now

But when we dig in the ashes
We find one ember
And very gently we fan that ember
Blow on it
It gets brighter
And from that ember we rebuild the fire

Only thing that’s important is that ember
That’s what you and I are here to celebrate

The ember gets stronger
Flame starts to flicker a bit
And pretty soon you realize that all we’re going to do for eternity
Is sit around the fire.”

― From The Spiritual Fire by Ram Dass

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Jon Hopkins ― Sit Around The Fire (feat. Ram Dass & East Forest)

Dear Gravity ― Perpetual Stir

Matt Borghi ― Dream Journal

Solidarity Hymn ― Dropped Beneath the Downs

Quantum Collisions ― Adrift

Gallery Six ― In Every Color of Leaves

Broken Peak ― Harbor

Remi Solati ― Etna

Pablo Bolivar, Mind Groove ― Hope

Matt Borghi ― Unified Mind

Gallery Six ― Trickle

Nils Frahm ― Talisman

Hilyard ― Night Swept the Forest

Jon Hopkins ― Sit Around The Fire (feat. Ram Dass & East Forest) (Edit)

Wezi Mkandawire ― First Steps

The Calm Pill album Ember was curated and mixed by Alaeddin and released on Uplifting Pills on July 1, 2022

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