99. Autumn issue deep dive with Quiet Storm’s Rania Robinson


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The Campaign Autumn issue is out now in print and online and its features were the main topic of discussion for this week’s podcast.

It was hosted by Campaign deputy editor Gemma Charles, who was joined by the title’s creativity and culture editor Gurjit Degun and Rania Robinson, chief executive and partner, Quiet Storm and the president of Wacl.

They discussed Degun’s feature on the link between creativity and effectiveness and another in-depth piece by features editor Matt Barker about creative education, the demise of the ad school and the creation of a diverse talent pool.

This week Campaign’s media editor Arvind Hickman pulled together a quick turnaround piece on adland’s reaction to the mini-budget with Robinson as one of the contributors. She expanded on her thoughts and explained why the financial event provided “an uncomfortable silver lining”.

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