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In July of last year on a trip to California, I sat down and had a cup of Chaga with Sid in his studio. I had been a long time listener to his Podcast Approaching the Natural, and was lucky enough to have the chance to meet and talk with him. Sid has a new podcast called 'What Sid Thinks', and you probably should include it as a part of your weekly set of shows. I do, and I love it. Sid has a great sense of humor, and makes me laugh out loud on my runs, making me look really strange to innocent bystanders.

Sid also wrote a wise little book called Approaching the Natural: A Health Manifesto, and it is a very good read for anyone who's had the thought:

"Isn't this world a little Nutty Nut Nut?"

Sid has quit all of his social media, but he makes short videos that you can find on his YouTube channel.

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