Headed to Ohio, Mac Jones Hurt & 1/1 Sticker Got Stuck


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Things are heating up in the sports world as October has arrived. Baseball playoffs. Football in full swing. Basketball and hockey coming back soon. The World Cup on the horizon.

Mac Jones joined Trey Lance as 2021 rookie QB's who are unfortunately set to miss a lot of time with an injury. A kid did what kids do with stickers and stuck the 1/1 Heung-Min Son 2022 World Cup sticker to a book. The Jets stink again. Trevor Lawrence just beat Justin Herbert BADLY in his building. Ryan takes all the credit for Trevor's success. Pokemon is set to launch in China and F1 is coming back this week.

Think we can pack more than that in to one episode?

Watch us!

We took a bunch of Q&A from the Facebook group, got another fantastic Play of the Week segment for you AND we are headed to OHIO for the long awaited Columbus road trip on Thursday!

Tune in for all of that AND MORE!

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