#10051 The Bible Blueprint for the Papacy - Karlo Broussard


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How can Catholics be so sure that the papacy is ordained and willed by God? Questions Covered: 14:05 – I am orthodox. I don’t understand how Catholics go from the early Church to the papacy. How do Catholics justify it? 21:50 – Did the early Christian community consistently recognize the Bishop of Rome as the leader of the Church? 29:12 – I was in the military and got the opportunity to see Pope Paul VI when we were once in Rome. I fell in love with the papacy after reading Humanae Vitae and am grateful for God’s love! 35:47 – I am a Protestant. The Church for the first thousand years was not run by individual popes, but by five patriarchs. Then the Catholic Church corrupted, then the Protestant church got away from the corruption. I see this as evidence against the papacy. 46:12 – When is the pope infallible? Our current pope has said some things that don’t sound exactly right, but I am wondering if it is not all infallible. Resources Mentioned: Focus episode: What If Francis Is a Bad Pope? …

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