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Questions Covered: 02:40 – Is one plenary indulgence on behalf of the dead enough for them to be released from purgatory into heaven? 06:15 – In Mystici Corporis Christi number 86, it says, “They make the Divine Redeemer and the members of the Church coalesce in one physical person.” What does that mean? Why is it an error to think of Christ and those who make up the body of Christ as one? 12:41 – When Jesus was sent to Pilate, why didn’t he just send him to Herod, since Jesus was Herod’s subject? 16:07 – I asked my priest for Holy Water to put in my home. He asked me to bring in a bottle of water and he said a simple prayer over it. Is it really blessed, or do I need to have something more done? I thought the rite for blessing water was more involved than that. 17:48 – Are physical mortifications self-harm or mental? When is it appropriate to inflict mortifications? 23:54 – Since eternity is outside of time, is it possible that we will all reach heaven at the same time? 31:31 – The four Marian dogmas are keeping me from becoming Catholic. I believe that Mary is the mother of God, but not the other three. What should I do? 44:26 – How can I evangelize a Christian neighbor of mine without pushing her away or ruining the friendship? 49:22 – Is it rational to believe that God made the universe in an instant but also to believe in the age of the Earth presented by scientists? Resources Mentioned: Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World …

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