#10057 Tips for Defending the Faith - Trent Horn


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Questions Covered: 02:34 – How do you defend the Eastern Catholic Church against roman Catholics who say they are not part of the apostolic church? 15:08 – How do you defend your reposition if the person opposes you defines the same term differently? 23:26 – What other bible passages can I use to explain to my protestant friend that Mary is our mother? 28:40 – What are Trent’s top 3 book recommendations for someone who is just getting into apologetics? 33:23 – How do you defend the traditional Latin mass when it attacked often? 44:29 – How do you defend opposition to the saints? 52:08 – How do I approach my former catholic friend, who went to catholic school even throughout college who now claims she is Buddhist? How do I approach someone who has anger with Catholicism? …

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