#10058 Open Forum - Trent Horn


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Questions Covered: 06:30 – What are Trent’s analysis Arguments for atheism today? 14:31 – How can God’s power be his intellect and does the trinity disprove divine simplicity? 21:22 – Why does the Catholic church make you wait until April/Easter to get baptized, and does that prevent salvation in the case of an accident or sudden death? 31:23 – Do humans have unique essential (not accidental) properties and if they do can that be the basis for free will? (& divine omnipotence) 45:30 – I am looking for clarification on Mark 13:30? Can Trent speak to how Muslim apologists claim Jesus’ prediction in this verse is embarrassing/invalid or shames Jesus’ divinity? 52:26 – Is marriage a moral or social agreement considering marriage did not come to be until hunter-gatherer societies became Agricultural societies? …

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