#10059 Open Forum - Fr. Paul Keller O.P.


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Questions Covered: 01:30 – As a new convert to the faith how can I be a strong Catholic witness in a predominantly protestant area? 06:55 – What are Trent’s thoughts on Liberalism and if it is reconcilable with Catholic social teaching? 16:50 – How the teaching on Indulgences changed, or did it? 21:28 – Are my sacraments valid if I was baptized in the western right but confirmed in the eastern right? How does the validity of rights translate? Do you need permissions? Which Church do I belong to according to Canon law? 28:58 – How can I defend Baptism to a friend who doesn’t believe in it? 35:29 – If Adam and eve were immortal and God told them they could eat anything in the garden why did they sin by eating the forbidden fruit? 44:20 – Why was the head covering on the Shroud of Turin never mentioned? 41:10 – Since the St. Michael the archangel prayer has been prayed for over 60 years how come its requests have not been completed- to cast all the evil spirits into hell? 46:50 – Since the early development of the sacrament of Reconciliation are all sins classified as grave since they may not have been considered grave in the beginning; and are they also forgiven under the once in a lifetime public penance? …

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