#10060 Why It Matters to Be Catholic - Karlo Broussard


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Why be a Catholic and not a member of another faith tradition? Questions Covered: 18:30 – In Lumen Gentium, it says that all religions participate in the truth of God. This is confusing. How can Catholicism be the one true faith, but a Church document also states that other religions kind of have it right, too? 33:05 – There seems to have been a shift in the Christian faith in general that the Lord is always merciful, and not about his justice. People say, yes, I am not Catholic, but I will be fine because God is merciful. How would I respond to someone who approaches being a part of the Church without conviction? 41:46 – My son is not Catholic because he agrees with Protestants who say that you just have to profess your life to God and that’s it. How do I speak to him about this? …

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