#9852 Open Forum About Jesus - Jimmy Akin


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Who was Jesus? Questions Covered: 08:26 – What qualifies as another Jesus or another gospel according to St. Paul 2 Cor 11:4? 16:07 – Do you have any practical tips for speaking to Jesus as he truly is and not whatever we have made him to be in our minds? 25:00 – Why did Jesus descend into hell, as the creed says? 32:20 – When Mary is told that her son shall be called Jesus and that he will save all people, is this referring to the Jews or to all people? 36:13 – I am going to be confirmed next year. When Jesus instituted Confirmation, did he intend for us to be able to choose someone venerable to be our Confirmation saint? 46:10 – How can I respond to people who say that they think Jesus is coming again soon? 49:40 – How does Jesus relate to the story of Mohammed in Islam and how are they connected? …

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