#9939 Why Are Women So Unhappy? - Rose Sweet


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This week, we are hearing from some of the best and brightest women in the world on issues ranging from life, to work, to roles in the Church and everything in between. Questions Covered: 21:20 – I’m a guy who just came out of a relationship that ended, that was very serious. I struggled to make my girlfriend happy. What is the man’s responsibility for the happiness of our female partners? 29:09 – My girlfriend suffers from anxiety and depression. She is getting professional help. She says she can’t see or hear God. How can I help her to see the beauty of life and God in it? 40:30 – I am married, for over 40 years. My husband isn’t always the kindest to me. My dad was abusive and so I became a quiet person. I don’t want to be pushed around anymore. What can I do to assert myself? 44:55 – I grew up without a dad and I am still broken. How can I heal? 49:15 – I think we need contentment more than happiness. …

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