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Questions Covered: 03:51 – Have you ever heard that St. Joseph is the son of Queen Cleopatra the 7? Is this true? 12:07 – Many people say that Luke 11:27 is a command to not venerate the Blessed Virgin Mary. Is that true? 17:53 – If you have a stomachache or fall or something, does God feel that pain, too? 19:06 – When Jesus prays for the cup of suffering to pass him in the garden, does that cup have anything to do with the Passover meal? Or is he truly trying to give the responsibility away? 24:05 – What is the viability of there being alien life with a Christian outlook on life? 28:20 – How can I better defend my faith against born-again Christians who are really knowledgeable about Scripture? Do you have a book recommendation? 31:35 – What are the two trees in the garden mentioned in Genesis 2? 36:18 – I am close to joining the Church but the one hang up is that Catholics claim to worship the same God as Muslims. Can you clarify this for me? 43:30 – I am a confirmed Catholic, but I am not feeling any connection to the Church. Why is this? What can I do? 49:33 – What does Hebrews 12:15-17 mean? I am a little confused about the USCCB commentary on it. Resources Mentioned: Ep 55 JAMW …

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