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Questions Covered: 04:16 – What is the morality of the covid19 vaccine? Is it safe and good for Catholic to do? 18:00 – I am married but not in the Catholic Church. Can I receive Holy Communion? 22:26 – If humans ever settled on Mars, which Church calendar would they use? 28:38 – When is one to admonish the sinner, especially in cases of marriage in the Church? 35:48 – Matthew 6:6 says to go into your closet to pray. My father uses that verse as an excuse to not go to church. How can I refute him on this? 42:23 – Is it true that the Catholic Church was responsible for the Dark Ages? 49:34 – What is the Catholic definition of apostasy or schism? Would it apply to a person who rejects the reality of the True Presence? 51:33 – What is your opinion about the q source in making the gospels? Resources Mentioned: The Light Ages: The Surprising Story of Medieval Science …

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