#9857 Pro-Life Open Forum - Dr. George Delgado


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Catholics believe in the dignity of life from conception to natural death. Dr. Delgado addresses covid-19, vaccines, abortion, and more. Questions Covered: 17:41 – Why are Catholic hospitals still allowing emergency “contraceptives”? 24:38 – If vaccines are introduced and not safely tested, then is it moral to mandate it upon people? 42:00 – My niece has had three c-sections and is pregnant again. The doctors tell her that she is a very high risk for bleeding out when she delivers the baby. She wants to have the baby, no matter what. What can she do? What is the right thing to do? 48:17 – I am a practicing Catholic. Why is it evil to take someone who has died, like in an abortion, and use their remains for a good purpose? …

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