#9930 What Was Jesus Like? - Marcellino D'Ambrosio


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Who was Jesus and what was he like? Questions Covered: 19:27 – It seems like today people see Jesus as a lovey dovey hippy, but the language in Scripture from him can be really strong. Why does he use such harsh analogies and words at times? 29:26 – How can we better understand why Jesus talks about not judging other people’s hearts? 31:51 – Do we know what Jesus’ build and height were, based on the Shroud of Turin? 34:04 – What happened to Jesus between ages 12 and 30? 43:32 – What did Jesus actually look like? Why and when did artists start depicting him as a European? 47:50 – Have you seen The Chosen series? Is that a good depiction of Jesus? 50:35 – Was Jesus a handsome person? In Isaiah, it says that there is nothing remarkable about him. Resources Mentioned: Catechism of the Catholic Church Jesus: The Way, the Truth, and the Life by Dr. Italy Dr.Italy.com …

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