#9931 Purgatory Is for Real - Karlo Broussard


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Purgatory is real and Karlo Broussard is here to answer listeners questions about it. Questions Covered: 07:27 – If we receive a plenary indulgence at the moment of death, will we go straight to heaven if we are not yet morally perfect? 21:01 – Is it possible that some of us who appear to be living on earth are actually going through purgatory right now? 34:44 – I had an experience where I felt like the Lord revealed a taste of purgatory to me. Is that possible? 46:30 – What is the scriptural support for purgatory? 51:49 – What is the process that a theologian goes through in order to understand the correct reading of Scripture that supports purgatory? Resources Mentioned: Purgatory Is For Real by Karlo Broussard …

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