#9942 The Vocation of Motherhood - Beth Sri


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This week, we are hearing from some of the best and brightest women in the world on issues ranging from life, to work, to roles in the Church and everything in between. Questions Covered: 16:28 – I might be a father someday and I worry about providing monetarily for them. Do you think that people put off being a mother or father because they worry too much about that aspect of parenthood? 21:22 – This last year has been a crazy time with not being able to have people over and not having community. How are you dealing with these challenges? 29:06 – How do you manage all the chaos and get support? I feel like I am always overwhelmed and stressed. It is difficult to embrace my vocation of motherhood. 42:52 – I was pregnant with my 4th after two miscarriages and someone told me I should never have had that many kids. I said, Don’t worry, I made up for the children that you didn’t have. Just a response for all those moms getting tough comments! …

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